The Changing Workforce

The workforce is changing and employers that want to attract the best of the best talent will be innovative about how they recruit, attract, and retain talent. Today’s best business environments are leaders in creative engagement strategies. Continued education offered that develops employees knowledge base both personally and professionally is a must in today’s workplace.

S.O.A.R. is committed to developing leaders, digitizing knowledge, and engaging their employees wherever and whenever they might be.

Corporations Benefit from our programming and training.

The S.O.A.R. performance team focuses on maximizing individual and group performance. Through assessment, knowledge building, social development, and coaching. We equip individuals and teams to consistently perform at Peak levels.

We focus on implementing actionable strategies and innovative solutions that positively impact changes in mindsets, attitudes, habits, behavior, and outcomes in the workplace.

Benefits of our Behaviorally Based Education:

High Character
Mentally Tough
Behaviorally Smart
Emotionally Intelligent
Financially Savvy

Results: of completing our program: A Dynamic Company Culture that is engaged, committed and productive.


DNA Series-
Dream Big!: Quality of Life Discovery
Communication DNA: Can You Hear Me Now
Sum-Bodies: MoneyTudes- Introduction to Financial Temperaments & Financial DNA
Natural Behavior DNA: You Are Sum-Body

7 Keys to Peak Performance Training Series

Developing Mental Toughness: I Can…I Will…I Must
Character Matters: Character is EVERYTHING!
Sum-Bodies: Building relationships that last
The 86,400 sec Principle: Today Matters!
Character: The Greatest Battle Ever